Maine Maple Syrup

Maine sugar maker’s take much personal pride in making top notch quality syrup. Pure Maple Syrup is a kitchen staple. Syrup is great on pancakes, needless to say, also waffles and French toast and biscuits and muffins and oatmeal and yogurt and vanilla ice cream. Use it to accent citrus fruits, especially grapefruit, and to enhance apples and pears and grapes. Use it for glazing a ham, with roast port, or for giving a touch of additional sweetness to root vegetables, like carrots, beets and turnips. The classic favorite is corn fritters with maple syrup and the most traditional baked beans are sweetened with maple syrup – not molasses. Try maple syrup in tea or your favorite milk drink. When you need just a hint of special sweetness, why not make it maple?

Visit the National Maple Syrup Festival website by going to or clicking the picture below.